what happened to goodbye
by sarah dessen
classic sarah dessen, formulaic down to a tee, new girl starting over, meets boy (reader falls in love 。◕ ‿ ◕。), their relationship develops, ISSUE, issue solved (?or is it?), and the reader is left crying because the book didn’t last long enough. i literally read this in one sitting; six hours spent laying stomach-down on my bed, feet, restless and tangled, squealing with angry/happy/emotion/excitement/sappy tears fogging up the lenses of my glasses. even though i could predict every “twist” in this story, and all of dessen’s books, i’ve always been a sap for romantic YA lit.  

06.12.13 @ 21:335

rebel angels
by libba bray
the fast-paced and gripping sequel to a great and terrible beauty, rebel angels delivers a powerful ending that feels satisfying, yet leaves me excited to read the final book in the series.  

06.12.13 @ 14:372

a great and terrible beauty
by libba bray
a dark and mysterious page-turner, a great and terrible beauty is a book that i return to each summer. i love getting lost between the dusty pages of the gothic novel set in 1895. with its rich imagery and delicate syntax, this book (the entire series) resides in my top ten favorite YA books. 

06.12.13 @ 14:273

the carlyles
by cecily von ziegesar
as part of my usual summer tradition, i try pack as many trashy novels as i can into three months off of school. i’ve had this series sitting in my closet since last summer, so i thought i’d give it a try. it’s quick, witty, and catty; perfect for reading in the car or by the pool, i’m already halfway through the second book in the series. don’t judge me. 

05.18.13 @ 12:241

by nina marie martínez
i read this book for a mexican literature class. i would read it in the bathtub and i savored every moment of it. this book tells the story of many different people, all with lives intertwined in the most eclectic and quaint ways. ¡caramba! was funny, honest, unbelievable, and totally magical. i absolutely loved it. 

05.07.13 @ 09:372

the road to tamazunchale
by ron arias
i read this book for my mexican literature class. it was really weird; a stream of consciousness type of style intermixed with this sort of psychedelic thing and i hardly understood anything. i laughed a few times, and there was some really beautiful imagery. 

04.03.13 @ 21:534

by josé antonio villarreal
i read this novel for a class in mexican american literature and culture. i really enjoyed it. it followed the young life of richard, a mexican american boy, growing up in california, trying to understand himself. the book was surprisingly sexual which kept it interesting. 

03.11.13 @ 15:492

fables: legends in exile
by bill willingham
this graphic novel had beautiful artwork and an interesting plot line. the only issue i had was the fact that for 4 out of 5 chapters, the story was very slow, all the action and plot unfolding being in the final chapter. the story basically follows the mystery of ‘who killed rose red?’, snow white’s sister. all in all, i didn’t love this book. 

02.13.13 @ 17:4311

summer blonde
by adrian tomine
summer blonde is a collection of four short graphic novel stories, each basically giving a peek into the lives of four different people. i really loved the way this was put together; i read the whole book in less than 2 hours because it was so intriguing. each short story was like the introduction to a REALLY great graphic novel, i wish that adrian tomine would elaborate on these stories, each story would end with a cliff hanger and i was dying to know more!!!

01.16.13 @ 18:497

persepolis 2
by marjane satrapi
picking up where persepolis left off, persepolis 2 chronicles the life of a teenage marjane satrapi whilst in austria, and then her return home to iran. a beautifully written memoir, persepolis 2 carries the hilarious and insightful voice of satrapi, while remaining thought provoking and politically aware.  

01.16.13 @ 17:005